25 Things You Should Do Before You Reach 25 To Be Content In Your Rest Of The Life

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If You’re A Teenager Or In the Early Twenties Then…

This is a bit lengthy but I promise to you that you won’t get bored reading this.

1. This is the best period of your life, improve your mindsets

2. Make Allah your Best Friend. Yeah, literally. Find yourself, Discover yourself. Without doing it you cannot know Allah and make Him your best friend.

You’ll read or hear this at so many spiritual channels and it’s really true.

3. If you’re a teenager or in the early twenties know, how will you become when you’ll get into your 30’s and 40’s. Think on long terms. Know that your actions and words affect you more than they affect others. I know that everybody can’t be like this but when we speak, we speak a good thing ‘in general’ so people get filtered.

4. Never hate anything, you can surely dislike but no hate. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) asked Hazrat Anas to never carry hate, jealousy, and envy for anyone in his heart no matter what. Learned this from a lecture of Tariq Jameel. Mind it that this doesn’t mean to not even dislike someone who does bad. You should dislike them in that case and that’s a MUST.

5. Never take hard stances and become egoistic

6. Don’t Talk About Things With Confidence You Don’t Know About. And If You Want To Then Honestly Use The Word ‘Maybe.’

7. Make a habit of Think Before You Talk. Who Talks Is The One Who Opens The Door

8. Don’t become like someone who chooses their career out of someone forcing them into it or having zero interest in it and doesn’t even have the strength but still choose that course. People! choose what you’re really interested in otherwise you’ll become like someone who cries each day every day or finish his assignments, quizzes and etc. I mean if I take psychology or business administration or computer science I’ll not take their assignments as a
burden because I am interested in them genuinely but if I choose chemical engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering I’ll also do what you’re and most of the university students are doing.

9. Don’t throw wrappers or anything on the road. Put them in pockets and throw them when you reach home or gets a trash can. It’s something that Allah wants us to do, don’t just take it as man-made rules and tbvh throwing something on the road doesn’t make you look cool
or Alpha.

10. Your mom and dad will not always be living with you, they’ll leave this world one day or you’ll leave before them, Allah knows only. Then only you’ll meet them at the Last Judgment Day. Think about this.

11. Know that time will pass and change no matter what, see. You tell one night that you’re not getting asleep but eventually, you fall asleep and woke the next morning, that feelings and moments of yours also passed. Everything just passes and changes and ends, people when in trouble think that time isn’t passing and how will they overcome this phase of their life. We keep thinking this way and our lives eventually come to an end and we then, in the end, realize that eh, sixty years have just passed. Please read ‘Guzra Hua Zamana’ a chapter in matric class Urdu Book Sindh textbook board, Karachi.

12. Drinking enough milk every day and eating in good oils like Olive Oil or clarified butter (desi ghee). These two are somehow costly so even if you don’t use these two, drink enough milk daily. Health is related to everything. I’m not saying it randomly I’ve worked more than a year in the MRI department in a hospital and I’ve seen cases that I think you mostly have just heard of. Even if you don’t afford to cook food in olive oil or clarified butter (desi ghee) buy a small or medium size bottle of extra virgin olive oil and drink a spoon of it daily.

Eat healthily, drink milk daily or in alternative days and eat in good oils. We study this in our childhood that health is wealth and realizes it when we get old. I haven’t get old yet Lol but I have seen people live. Health is happiness. Don’t take these advises lightly. I’ve worked in the MRI dept of the hospital and have seen the worst cases. Golden tip; never ever let your Blood pressure get high.

A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient

Be grateful and positive + realistic
Drink milk daily.

13. Walk A Lot, seriously. Walk 4 to 5 kilometers once a week.

14. Listen To People Like Sandeep Maheshwari, Qasim Ali Shah, Mufti Menk( Read his twitter tweets; same he posts on his Facebook page), Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza, Molana Tariq Jameel, Mufti Tariq Masood. Read my this article for more understanding what I want to say to you in this point, ‘Open Mindedness Is One Gem Of A Trait’

15. Never Allow Your Body To Get Fat; Unhealthy Fat. You must not cover it with don’t judge me because I am fat or hide under body-shaming victim excuse. If you’re born fat that’s not your fault but if you’ve turned yourself into a fat person that is your fault. The question may arise that what’s wrong in being fat. Ask this to yourself. Be real. Be positive.

16. Never put anything above Allah’s command. Know the priorities.
You can fail in the exams here and give supply and re mock but there is no supply in Qayamat. Few people consider it. For them and their parents’ grades are everything just because of their so-called career and future. No matter what academic grades come first; according to their mindsets.

17. Accept your mistakes. Learn from them. As a teenager or in the early twenties you can adopt this habit easily. It will get harder the more you will age.

18. Don’t Be A Negative And A Toxic Person. Eliminate Negative People From Your Life But Don’t Carry Hate For Them In Your Heart. But At The Same Time Eliminate Them From Your Life.

19. Either stay quiet or change the topic but Don’t Lie. And even if you ever speak a lie, ask for forgiveness consciously and honestly from Allah.

20. Don’t get into toxic negative relationships.

21. Don’t judge people unnecessarily.
Don’t just spend your whole life worrying about people and society’s judgments. They’ll eat you up.
Make Allah your friend. Talk to him and be real.
Listen to real and good people. But don’t follow anyone blindly.
Be open-minded.

22. Learn to invest money and time in good things. If Allah has given you good money then invest it in good things. On personal development, skill learning, etc. Udemy is a very good platform, however, there are other free ones too and other paid ones too like Edureka, Udacity, etc. It’s up to you what you choose. Learn to invest your money in good things. Invest money and time. INVEST MONEY AND TIME. If you’re a teenager like 18, 19 do it. Do it as early as possible and keep doing. Learn from your mistakes if you make. I myself have invested real money in things at this age, got to learn so many things, thanks to Allah! However, my investments lead me to losses if I at the moment look at them but I’ve taken them as experiences and lessons. Don’t repeat the same mistakes.

23. Listen to your mom and your dad carefully when they are telling you their childhood stories or past experiences. In their smile, you’ll find that they are becoming nostalgic at that moment, and then relate it to yourself. Value your parents.

24. Drink more milk if you’re nineteen, please take it as your last year to drink more milk. Believe me, you’ll regret it afterward. Realize it early and take action today. Okay Okay, you might be saying, Hey Ahmed, This is Spirituality blog right? Why you’ve suddenly become like a doctor or a grandma advising her grandchildren. Actually you know health is connected or related to everything.

25. Try To Be An Empath And Try To Be More Compassionate.

Bonus Point: Respect other people’s copyrights, never ever do plagiarism or steal content.

Keep In Mind That,
“In order to love who you are you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.
-Andrea Dykstra

An Image With Text 'In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.'

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