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This post is about a drama serial of Pakistan named Ye Dil Mera. For those readers who don’t know about it, read this as it will make sense to you nonetheless.

I am thinking about what will happen in ‘Ye Dil Mera’ when Noor-e-Jaan will find out that his Agha Jaan is the person who murdered her mother and killed the family of AMANULLAH. Agha Jaan is so dearer to her. And she is far much dearer to Agha Jaan. Regardless of how malice he is, for his Noor-e-Jaan, his daughter, he is a person Noor-e-Jaan will not find ever again. But if Allah wills. I know it’s a drama serial.

So, I am excited about it’s ending. Not that annoying excitement, and I keep my excitement to myself; It’s really exasperating when you act crazy before the individuals who have no interest in that particular thing for which you’re being so crazy.

One day we will see it’s final episode. The fervor and curiosity in us right now that what will happen in the end will then finish—in the wake of watching that last episode. Like in 2011, we or at least I had the excitement that what would happen in ‘Humsafar’ drama serial. Then in 2017-2018, I had the same feelings for ‘Khaani’ & ‘Khamoshi.’ And now for ‘Ye Dil Mera’.

You feel joy in thinking about such things when you are close to Allah. 

On the day of Resurrection, everyone will talk about themselves i.e. they will ask Allah to forgive them only. They won’t ask for anyone else even the real loved ones. But that doesn’t mean at all that love is unreal. See, in front of Allah who made this love, us, and our feelings, everything is very small before Him. So, if we are Muslims and we had lived life according to what Allah has told in The Quran, after that segment on the day of resurrection when we will only talk about ourselves, if we’ll pass then we will again meet our loved one’s in Jannah along with our Prophet Muhammad.

Ten years from now I’ll be feeling nostalgic—If I would be alive and if Allah wills, the same as I felt in 2018 when I watched again that drama Ru Baru and heard it’s background music. Today on tenth May I was watching Ye Dil Mera and it’s background music—on hearing it I thought about this that I’ll be feeling happy listening to it in 2030. Even though Ru Baru was from 2014, and in 2018, four years after it when I watched it again, I was so happy and cheerful. Blessings of Allah. My love. My God. The only God.

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