Do People Like This Exists?

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Note: Just like my previous blog post, this post is also an answer I gave months ago on my social media account of and I saved it’s screenshot when I deleted that account.

Do people like this exist? Those who help you all the way and life without asking for consideration, attention or anything back in return, take example of, people here who give you many coins and likes but don’t ever bothered you or asked you to do a thing and that they should never complain neither to you nor to anyone that see all these things I have done for this individual and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about all this.

I know it’s hard coz these emotions needs to find a way to get out of you in order to give you relief. So, in an effective manner, if you cannot resist and hold that feeling in you, complain about it. And being realistic I would advise you to do complain about it, months ago I was like that we should not even say a word about it, for me that is not possible now, but, if it’s possible for you then you can behold those feelings. You can cry, that’s the best option.

Think and know that Allah will surely give you something too much extraordinarily good and brilliant in front of everyone on the day of resurrection. And for those people who think weak people cry, they should know the difference of why a person is crying and its context.

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