Don’t Be Clingy

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It is indeed one of the most joyful moments in the world when someone you love doesn’t love you back and refuses you. Why sad? It’s their choice. Why you feel sad over it? The one who you love has found their love. You must be happy for them & pray for them. Be strong. Be mature. Live in reality. Life’s good when you don’t get jealous. It’s Okay you can cry but don’t get jealous or start hating them. This attitude will make you one gem of a person. AND EVEN IF YOU FAILED, WHAT BETTER WAY IS THERE TO LIVE. When you’ll die you’d be happy that you ended up living a good life without GRUDGES, HATES, ENVY and JEALOUSY. And you’ll pass out with the tears of joy. And Boom! Happy Ending! Now just wait for the judgment day and meanwhile you’ll be resting in Heavens.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Clingy

  1. Bro pure gold right there, indeed very well shaped articles u brought down. I’m so glad to hear not only me facing similar experiences as some of yours but also on how u have shaped ur overall response to such circumstances! As u said live like how u have to and don’t take disappointments or failures very serious whenever u come across them. May Allah always bless u abundantly for ur good intentions and will, hats off bro looking forward to read more from u πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’–πŸ™Œ

  2. Appreciated your enthusiasm. But it’s not as easy to move on once you met with your soul mate. You can’t be that easy or emotionally stable initially. But you have to move with emptiness and all the scars. Relations do require a lot of efforts to keep them bonded. And not every feeling is love. Sometime it is infatuation which we consider as love. Some people came just to teach us a lesson, to make us stronger emotionally. But to be honestly getting your soul mate or true love is just a matter of luck. And that’s the bitter truth. So one should work on themselves for self/personality development. Kyun k woh kehtay hain na
    Zamany main aur b dukh hain mohabat k siwa,
    Rahatain aur b hain wasal ki Rahat k siwa. πŸ˜‰

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