Don’t Curse Brands

A Picture Of A Brand's Shopping Bag

What to do when you get jealous and fed up seeing people shopping branded items? What should you think about brands? Are they good or bad? Do people who wear and use branded items are bad or the people who don’t use branded items are good? What is the real definition of goodness? What is the real definition of positivity? How to stay positive and calm in the situation when you start getting jealous? How to make that jealousy instantly gone? Find out all this in the article below.

Some people curse brands for no good reason. They say brands are just nothing except a stamp. That’s wrong behavior. If you cannot afford something you should not curse it just to satisfy yourself. Allah doesn’t like such behaviors. Now it also doesn’t mean to get obsessed over brands that I will only wear brand I will not wear anything except them. That’s worst. It’s a psychological thing that when you will wear brands the first time or you have a habit to wear them you’ll judge other people’s clothes and you’ll think if they are wearing brands or not. So, you need to avoid such mindset or else if you will not avoid it in teenage or early twenties then you’ll even not in the future but if Allah wills.
So, avoid both extremes I talked about above.

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