Getting Angry Is a Part Of Life

It’s thirteen April 2020 12:26 Am and I am feeling so resentful that someone can imagine. I feel like if God has given me tiger claws, I would have peeled my face and body out of anger. My present nails can’t execute such activity—they will get sever without scratching my face. I am feeling like this since the previous evening. Someone said to me something as a joke, yet it was very hurting. Now some people might think while reading this that this is not how a person ought to be. It becomes bad when you start grumbling and blaming others. If you keep your anger to yourself and be the one who is getting hurt instead of someone who hurts others, then it is one of the most beautiful things for your soul. Allah has given you the anger for a reason, and for those who say anger is bad, for them, I have clarified about anger above.

I am aware that I won’t be feeling like this after a few days. The reason why I am writing this post in such an angry state is, that I want to tell people that do not become synthetic happy when you are not feeling like to and that anger is not bad(unless you start hurting others). Consider your feelings. If you are feeling sad, be sad. Don’t try to become synthetically happy. Allah has made every emotion for you. Happiness isn’t the only state that you always ought to be in.

In some cases, it is necessary to show anger to others, but this is not that case.

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