How To Relieve Depression

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Myths And Misconceptions Of Being Happy

How to relieve depression and stress? It’s very crucial to find out how one can relive his depression and stress especially when things around him turn not to be in his favor and he is overwhelmed by the society and his thoughts. Neglecting this condition of oneself can cause serious mental health issues. In this article ‘ How To Relieve Depression And Stress’ I am going to tell about the mindset that you can still live calmly and realistically positively and productively being proactive and not reactive.

Look there is nothing like permanent happiness and permanent motivation in this world. You’ll get sad, depressed, happy, motivated, energized and feel just normal. The thing that needs to be known and acknowledged is that nothing lasts forever, neither happiness nor sadness, so enjoy the moment you’re living in. In 2018 and early 2019, I used to tell people that our Prophet Muhammad and Quaid-e-Azam had felt sad too, depressed too, but they knew that it won’t last. In the Quran, Allah has asked Prophet Muhammad from time to time to do not get worried.

A question can arise that how can one get motivation or inspiration in case he or she needs. For me, I get motivations and inspiration by listening to Sandeep Maheshwari, Mufti Tariq Masood, Eng. Muhammad Ali Mirza, Qasim Ali Shah, Based Zeus/Benjamin Seda, Molana Tariq Jameel, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, Hisham Sarwar, Dr. Zakir Naik(He is ❤️), Mufti Akmal(He is also ❤️) and many other people like my college’s mathematics teacher and chemistry teacher and many other people. From Books, music, video games, and everything, literally everything. I read this in a post on a Facebook page QWAYM that everything in this universe is teaching you a lesson and it’s absolutely true. And everything means literally EVERYTHING.

I myself get sad to a point often that I feel like leaving this world, can’t do suicide because Allah has forbidden it but I feel like praying to Allah that please lift me, I want to die. Yesterday I was feeling like this due to many reasons and was feeling similar to quite a number of days but today I am feeling much better. I came here on 6th December night at 12:24 AM to add this paragraph you’re reading right now. This paragraph will always make sense, whenever you’ll read this article, try to understand it and relate it.

DISCLAIMER: None of them is 100% right. Not even me. No one is even 100% correct. So be wise enough to take what’s right and do not take what’s wrong. Also, control your emotions or be consumed by them- QWAYM

Past is past, if you’ve done sins or bad things in the past, ask for forgiveness, don’t think that Allah will not forgive you but take lessons from your past, don’t just forget it.

It’s 27th January 2020 and I’m adding this paragraph you’re going to read next.

Recently I had an intense headache that lasted 3-4 days. Despite my genuine positive nature, I lost all hope and for a moment I wanted to die i.e I was praying that either the end of this pain or Allah please make me dead. However, I later on repented for this. Before I had this intense headache, I was not soft-spoken with my mother. The way my mother took care of me in my bad days, I made a promise afterward that I’ll never be harsh or rude with my mother ever again. Once and for all I promised this to myself and my world turned, now, I am much happier and cheerful (realistically). It seems like my days have got their colors back which were once lost, despite me being positive and optimistic, I hadn’t experienced these colors in my life in recent years. I am thankful to Allah for this another turning point in my life and I pray to him to keep me steadfast.

One of the lessons I learned after all this,

But the most important thing to know and acknowledge is that you can never be happy as long as you’re negative minded, one who carries hate, jealousy and grudges for anyone, tryhard person, attention-seeking person(in a negative way), dishonest person a person who do vain things and talk vain, liar and judgemental one.

Be Realistic and Positive

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