Ignoring Someone Without Any Reason

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This is natural though for people and ourselves too if we do so, who thinks negative but they are unaware of themselves that they are thinking wrongly or people who even knows but still they are proud with their current situation no matter how much unethical and bad it is. Actually people intermix the Alpha thing with the Douche thing. Months ago, someone asked me a question that what is the best way to ignore someone and I answered this,

“This question is itself wrong. If someone deserves to be ignored you’ll naturally ignore him/her without faking and pretending that you are ignoring. Flashback to your childhood. Did you even know the word ‘ignore’ then? But you still ignored some people or don’t talk to them naturally if you’re angry or sad with them or if they are teasing you because it’s a natural thing and a child is soo real. Sometimes we need to go back to our childhood and take lessons from younger ourselves.”

One thought on “Ignoring Someone Without Any Reason

  1. Nice short article, it should also be the other way around that some people think we are ignoring them because we hate them instead we just forget them !

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