Most Realistic And Important Thing

The stairs in this image is going somewhere like a tunnel, yet you don't know where. you have a curiosity to know, to go further.Relatable to this post

Almost everything or the majority of the things are being said in a context. In the Quran, in books of ahadith, quotes, and sayings of people. When we’ll see them out of the context we’ll get another meaning which can be wrong and even right sometimes but not what the writer is saying maybe. Now, this doesn’t mean that whenever we’ll see anything out of the context we’ll not get the actual meaning, I’m not saying this but that also doesn’t mean that I’m not taking this context thing as a thing not to talk about and consider it least important or not important at all.

‘The majority of the misunderstandings and fights are just because of taking things out of the context.’

P.S: Some things can only be understood when you’re really close to Allah. Use your brains. Don’t do overthinking but use your brains and do productive thinking.

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