My last trip with Family- Temporary Post


It was in November 2014, and we went out for our Sunday ride. Evening it was. Sunset. Nostalgic. My younger sister spoke in the care that if we would be in Sambrial, it’d be so much fun and good. She might be related the weather to the weather of Sambrial in her memories. I related to that too.

Sambrial is one of our hometowns. When we arrived back home, our father mentioned that we could go. It was one of the sweetest moments for me. I didn’t remember exactly what was happening those days, but I remember that our exams had to come. After the exams, our father discussed with our mom if we would travel via bus or train. It was initially a train, but the bus was better in service than the train, so our father bought tickets for the bus for us. We three siblings and mom. Our father couldn’t go due to his office job. We did the shopping. I was in those days decided that I should consult an eye doctor and wear glasses. I never liked glasses. When we were shopping for warm clothes as it was the very cold temperature in Sambrial, I told my mom that I would not wear glasses; I’ll wear contact lenses.

The night before our journey, we siblings fought. Whenever we used to fight, it made our father very angry, so my younger sister and I said that we wouldn’t complain about this fight or our father will tear the tickets. It was morning. Our father insisted that we should go quite early before our departure as he was always the person who would go very early to places. But our mom and elder sister weren’t agreeing. However, we got ready. Mom went and brought a taxi, greeted our neighbors, sat in the taxi, and left for the bus terminal. We went to the initial place where we had to sit in the shuttle bus, which carried us to the main terminal. Our father was there at the initial office. I kind of felt sad. We left. And we got to know that the bus is some hours late. We sat there, and it was evening when we sat on the bus, and it was also one of the best moments of my life as I had those nostalgic memories from 2007, 2009, 2010, and we used to love that bus too.

We sat. And left for Lahore. We had to go to Lahore because I guess we cannot go to Sambrial directly. On the bus, it was our most loved film Jab We Met was played. Along with the snacks that the bus service offers, we enjoyed that movie at night. Then at terminals bus stopped and those night environment with petrol pumps, lights, tuck shops, and so attractive, we enjoyed food and environment. The next morning, I started assuming places that it’s Sambrial from the bus’s window, but mom kept telling me that it’s far a bit.

Finally, we reached Sambrial in the evening- after evening. Our maternal uncle came to receive us. We sat in the car and left for Sambrial. 127 kilometers. We stopped at a bakery, and our uncle bought us chips and snacks. Our grandmother called and said that we kids should not eat snacks the meal is prepared. Again I assumed places that it’s near Sambrial in the car, and I guess I was right at that time, but my uncle and mom told me I guess that How can I know about this place when I’ve never gone there. But I relate to those places since they look the same. Finally, we reached the home, lovely moment, we went inside, the youngest maternal aunt was standing at the door, and I shook the hand. I was attached to her so much back in 2013 when she visited, and I missed her so much. It was so lovely for me to meet her. Our second youngest aunt came and greeted us, and she was very sweet. My youngest maternal aunt had bought boxing gloves for me, which she didn’t deliver due to her busy schedule, I guess, and we sat down and started greeting and talking, I gestured boxing punches, and she laughed and went to the closet and gave me those gloves.
It was one of the most beautiful journeys I had in my life, and that night we all sat together and all the things. I slept early, but my mom and her siblings sat together and talked. So beautiful and cheerful lively night, and the journey it was. There is a lot to tell after that, but right now, I am finishing it here.

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