Open-Mindedness Is One Gem Of A Trait

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Months ago someone asked me a question related to this topic, Open-Mindedness, And Liberalism. I didn’t remember the exact question but I what I answered that person at that time, I saved it. Below is that answer(with some minimal modifications):

Thanks to Allah for what I think and want to tell others a question related to that topic comes into my inbox??
Well, the answer is ‘No’
Why is that?
-Labeling lameness as positivity in our society
-Being liberal and secular instead of being open-minded and wise.
-Not having closeness with Allah

People intermix the meaning of open-mindedness and liberalism here.
There is a difference between being Open-minded and being liberal. Open-mindedness is one gem of a trait in a person and in fact the best trait. Liberalism is not a positive and a good thing. It’s like living in illusions. Google the difference between both. And even if there is no difference between these two terms, become the real LIBERAL as we’ve seen typically liberals can’t even open their minds to religion. They have their own self declared definite theory about religion and they’ll keep a firm hold upon it. They usually don’t even listen. When judging judgemental people, aren’t also you a judgemental person? So we must stop and reflect every time.

There are two kinds of extremists,

1. Culprit Preachers and their blind followers
2. Liberals and positively labeled idiots who aren’t actually positive

DISCLAIMER: I know and I agree that the behavior of these preachers also known in society as Ulamas and molvi have made people rebellious and they are the real culprits. I agree, BUT it’s not like that everyone is a culprit.
Look no preacher is 100% correct. Forget preacher no human being is 100% correct and perfect. Allah has never asked us to be perfect with no flaws, never ever.
All that Allah has condemned is negativity, unfair and unjust behavior, wrongdoing, narrow mindedness, and MIXING RIGHT WITH WRONG AND LIVING IN ILLUSIONS.

Days back my mindset was that there is no concept of Ulama/preachers in the sight of Allah. But I haven’t take any hard stance over this thing. I’ve left it. One should never take a hard stance on anything. It boosts your ego. Well, leave this thing.
AND NEVER EVER, NEVER EVERR forget that religion is only what is written in Quran and some traditional ways known as Sunnah. None other than that.
Read the whole Quran with translation NOT Tafseer. And then watch and listen to some realistic and positive preachers.

Try to know what is real positivity, what is real narrow-mindedness, real open-mindedness. Just think about all these things with an open mind and intelligence.

The people I recommend you to listen to are,

DISCLAIMER: None of them is 100% right.No one is even 100% correct. So be wise enough to take what’s right and do not take what’s wrong. Also, control your emotions or be consumed by them,

Other people I recommend you to listen to are,

2nd disclaimer: Nothing is 100% correct. Take what’s right and leave what’s wrong

PS: People who aren’t even praying salah daily and who are negative are never going to understand these things

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