School Life And Life Ahead

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When we leave school we feel too much, too much sad and nostalgic about our friends and we even sort of cry. Our parents tells us that there are much prettier and better people you will find in your life but we are not ready to leave them. Anyhow, we leave them and when in college we make new friends we to be very honest don’t have same feelings we had at the time of leaving school. We feel much better and happy. Now when we’re leaving college, again we feel same weird feeling of sadness but with more maturity than at the time of school when our school life was coming to an end. Same rule applies to university. After we graduate we look back at all those years that has so many beautiful memories, toughest situations we never thought would end but you know what? we are once again happy, along with nostalgia.Those tears of joy for all the years back memories. Then we get married and then after time our kids grow up to our ages; what we are now and our parents are old.No matter how much we love our mom and dad and especially mom, no matter how much we are attached to them one day they also leave this temporary world, then we cry and cry and cry a lot. After months and years we are back to our normal mood and routine. We laugh on jokes, occasionally and often we also cry for those such beautiful memories when we say after coming from school to mom that mamma food and she gives it with smile and at times with scolding. Can you feel this? Our dads who are sometimes very strict but their sweet behavior. These things makes us cry. Then finally we become very old with grandchildren and then we look back at those 70-80 years of past life and laugh on these self made problems, depression, depression after breakup and we get nostalgic remembering mom dad and childhood, school life and teenage. One day we die.

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