Sin That We Don’t Even Consider

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Disclaimer: Things I am going to say maybe people already know and are well being aware of and acting upon them too but I have found people doing so in my country and even if people do in other countries or anywhere, so I am writing. After writing this post, I come here again after 26 days (approximately) to add this paragraph in the beginning that you’re reading right now. Here you go with the original paragraph.

So I’m writing a book and I want to quote some Ahadith in it which I found online on a site. They were compiled in a good form on a website. I could just copy them in my book but that would be absolutely wrong. You should not take credits of other people’s sayings, work, quotations and everything without letting them know. I asked them at their email address provided at their website that if I can use their compilation of Ahadith in my book and I told them that I’ll mention their website name in my book. They allowed me!

See the screenshot below

Also when people make CVs, write essays and do assignments they copy material from the internet that is copyright protected but we never pay attention to these things, we’re likely found to saying, “Oh! Who’s gonna follow all these man-made rules”, “If you’ll follow all rules there would be no fun” and “Stop thinking so much”. Those are not man-made rules, that is something from Allah. We think and i also used to think that it’s a cool and fun behavior if you spoil things like this. Now if a question arises that if those people don’t want their material to get a copy of why they put it on the internet publicly? The answer is that those things are for ideas, inspirations, and motivations. And some people also allow to copy, i.e, they don’t put copyrights and they mention it properly.

Almost one and a half years ago I started to learn HTML from Codeacademy online and I thought to copy what they’re teaching in my register. I asked them at their email address and they allowed me saying that I can only use it for my personal use, i.e, I am not supposed to give that registers to others with the fake positive intention that look I’m doing a good thing, I’m teaching others, that’s my contribution to the mankind, I am so good, I am an angel! Stop fooling yourselves! If someone wants to help then give them that website name and tell them that they can learn from there instead of increasing your own audience with the fabricated positive labels to fool yourselves and others. When you speak some words intentionally that you find someone else speaking and you speak it in front of someone and they get impressed or even if they not, you just need to say to them honestly that these aren’t purely your words that’s it, these are (that person’s) words.

Don’t take these things suffocating and as narrow mindedness or overthinking.

Now the most critical part is coming and that is software copyright.

Two years ago approximately I made a YouTube channel about tech. I used Adobe Photoshop to make channel art and I had hardly eighty subscribers I guess including my family members. I used to be in a gaming group on Facebook. I started posting this mindset there and I deleted that YouTube channel and told it there. A boy said that I deleted it when I got only eighty subscribers and that’s not a brave action if I had three hundred thousand subscribers and I delete that channel then it is maybe something extraordinary. Anyways that channel was deleted and then I said in the group that downloading games and then using crack is also a sin and same for software. A man asked me if I use windows on my PC that is not pirated but I was using pirated. I said to him that I can’t purchase windows right now so I’m using copyrighted but games don’t fall into that category, i.e they aren’t a necessity like windows.

After those two years from then, recently, I downloaded Hitman Blood Money from torrent and completed it. I got overwhelmed. I was bored but what I did was wrong. Meanwhile, I also downloaded games like Tekken 3, WWE Smackdown Here Come the Pain which I still play, those games aren’t on steam, i.e, but still, their CDs are available at Amazon and they are being sold. I also tried to download GTA V, Max Payne 3 and games like them due to that overwhelmedness but just recently I stopped. It’s wrong no matter how much you feel overwhelmed, it’s suffocating and annoying maybe for some people but Heaven isn’t so cheap that you do stuff that Allah has forbidden and on the basis of hope that you’ll ask forgiveness after consciously knowing that you’re doing wrong and continuing it and then you can live a life in heaven.

The conclusion is that you can use Windows and necessity software with a bitter heart and keeping in the heart that whenever you’ll get to purchase Windows and necessity software you’ll make the first attempt to purchase them lawfully being honest and keeping your intentions pure and not making yourself a fool.

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