Stop Being Judgmental

A man showing his hand as a stop sign

Observe your every action and everything you say, your behavior. Don’t think bad for others. I am not praising myself but despite being really positive I still sometimes think bad for people that may something bad happens for them or I can do something bad to them in a clever way or I hate strangers on YouTube without even meeting them. Then I say to myself STOP, Why you’re doing this? You don’t know them. Can you give a reason, a valid and real reason for what you’re thinking about them and planning to do with them? These are the things I ask myself at that moment. Pausing and reflecting.

I was very judgmental until one of my college friends say to me that I am very judgmental. At that time I didn’t even know about this judgmental thing. I was aware that backbiting is a bad thing but as far as judging others is concerned I was not aware of this. I used to keep talking about others with my one friend. One day two of my friends said this thing to me, one said and the other one approved that he is right. It all happened in the middle or almost the end of 2017. I acknowledged it somehow after getting a little bit angry with them and started working on it and here I am today. BOOM!

P.S. I am not praising myself or bragging about me. It’s just for your inspiration and some sort of motivation.

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