Teenage Is The Best Time Of Your Life

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Why teenage is the best period of life? What makes it so special and what you must consider early in your teenage life so you don’t regret looking back all those years of unhealthy mindsets and not learning from your mistakes behavior, when you reach your forty’s and fifty’s.

Teenagers here complaining about their difficult lives and yeah I agree, it is difficult for them like family pressure, exams pressure and other toxic things they’re facing but this luxury, like you can lie in your bed in warm blankets and your refrigerator is filled with good food to eat and then you can complain about the difficult life of your’s on the internet, this facility is also given by your parents, lying on a sofa or bed and complaining. Getting this point? I am not against this whole thing, like you can complain and you should complain But keep these things also in mind and acknowledge them but never transgress. You have to fight for your right sometimes with even parents BUT with an exceptional sweet attitude. Acknowledge that they actually wants you to be safe and happy. Think from their point of view too.

If parents become extreme for you then at the same time they are also those who’ll provide you luxury and food. No stranger or anyone will do this the way your parents will do. If they become extreme they’ll not do the same thing and that feeling is so worst( I’ve practically felt this). No one loves and care for you more than they do even if you feel like someone is caring about you, their level will never reach that of your parents.

These are not just my sayings. Preachers and some other people also preach this. I heard from Mufti Tariq Masood and also from few other people and I practically feel it.

You might not understand this till your practical life begins like you start doing jobs or business then you’ll remember this golden period and these times. But you can also understand it before all these like i did. I am not praising myself. So it’s better to understand few things before they leave forever in this temporary life.

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