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For Zunaira Arshad

Peer Pressure

What exactly is peer pressure? I’ll be explaining it by a few examples.

A fresh college student who got into a college where people are rich mostly. In school, he used to get twenty rupees or thirty for a day. In college, his father has started giving him 200 and that’s for a week. But, when he sees the other children buying things from the cafeteria that are worth 100 or 150 he does the same just to sit with them. Now, this can be wrong and right both. If the food he’s buying is just to maintain a status and image, then it’s not right. If he wants to just eat food, then it’s okay. This is an example of Indirect Negative Peer Pressure.

Sometimes the peer pressure can be negative and sometimes it can be for something good too. A person who smokes gets hired in a company where no one smokes and they don’t know that this new person who’s sitting with them smokes. A smoking topic has been discussed on a lighter note and those men talk about that we can still live happily without smoking. Listening to all these things that one person who smokes might stop smoking at least first in the office and eventually at the home. This is a type known as Indirect Positive Peer Pressure.

There are so many other kinds of peer pressure* Named*

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