What Makes You Unhappy Inspite Of You Being Positive?

Just to share a thing with you guys. I’ve tweeted this on Twitter and on other social media platforms as a post but since I have this blog by the grace of God, so I am posting this here.

Recently I came to know, after having this intense headache (Refer to the second last paragraph of this post How To Relieve Depression to comprehend the context) that Laziness and Procrastinations are the key factors that make you unhappy, even if you are positive, optimistic and realistic. Today I had to go to the doctor but I was procrastinating that I will go tomorrow, I have a lot of work to do and etc, etc. Actually I was just being lazy. Anyhow, I went to the doctor and after that, I was feeling quite cheerful and happy.

Thanks to Allah for letting me know a thing that was bothering me for a long time, and that was Laziness and Procrastination. I’ll eliminate these two things from now on and pray to Allah to keep me steadfast. Alhamdolillah.
Thank You Allah for all your blessings 💖

Another thing I’ve realized is that Discipline is very important for being happy and content with life.

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