Why Do Parents worry About Their Kids Future?

Teletubbies- Laa-laa and Tinky Winky

Tenth March 2020. Today I have understood practically why our parents are intensely and passionately interested in and care about our future and our good life. I have a real friend by the grace of God. That friend of mine is becoming a doctor. I felt like a parent today when I thought a picture in my mind of when my that friend will receive an MBBS degree and will smile. If Allah wills. The smile that this very friend of mine would give. It would be one of the happiest moments of life for me. I got fascinated by all these ideas and thoughts, realistically. I genuinely care for my friend’s well-being in both worlds. I do it generally for myself and other people too. I am telling this because sometimes people go too far way taking care for others that they don’t take themselves as important and some people do opposite to this. Find the balance, do not transgress.

I understood today why our parents care about such things so much. I have felt it again practically today. I felt this parent inside me back then when a male cat was trying to mate with our cat. There were two or three male cats and I was feeling bad for our female cat. I even hit them all with badminton rackets and I lost all hope for her in the end and I accepted it that it’s a part of her life. Though those male cats were doing right, I felt like a father at that time, worrying for his daughter.

You can relate this feeling with the feelings of your parents. However, I think it will not be the same; the amount of love our parents do, but still, you’ll get an idea of how our parents feel.

That’s me and my friend. Lol. Just kidding. I am what I am and my friend is what my friend is.

P.S. Do not judge the whole me on the basis of this. Also, I am not trying to make soft corners for myself in anyone’s heart.

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